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Chilli Pickle Waltham Abbey

Mixed Starter£3.95Add +Chicken tikka, sheek kebab, onion Bhaji served with salad
Chicken or Lamb Tikka£2.95Add +Pieces of chicken or lamb marinated in yoghurt sauce & spices bakes in tandoori clay oven with salad
Sheek or Shami Kebab£2.95Add +Spiced minced lamb
Tandoori Chicken£2.95Add +A quarter of chicken cooked in the tandoori clay oven
Chicken Tikka Pakora£2.95Add +
Chicken Chat£2.95Add +Slices of chicken cooked with cucumber and onions in a chat masala sauce
Lamb Chop Grill£3.95Add +
Meat Samosa£2.50Add +Minced lamb lightly spiced in triangle shape pastry & deep fried
Prawn Puree£3.25Add +Prawns cooked with fresh onions, chillies and spices served on lightly fried puree bread
King Prawn Puree£4.25Add +
Prawn Cocktail£2.95Add +Prawn in cocktail sauce served with salad
King Prawn Butterfly£4.10Add +King prawn opened up into the shape of butterfly, lightly spiced, bread crumbs then shallow fried
Tandoori King Prawn£4.95Add +King prawn marinated in a special blend of yoghurt and spices, baked in a deep circle tandoori clay oven
Grilled Salmon£3.95Add +Fresh cuts of salmon
Aloo Chat£2.50Add +Slices of potatoes cooked with cucumber and onion in a chat masala sauce
Chana Chat£2.50Add +Chick peas cooked with cucumber and onion in a chat masala sauce
Vegetable Samosa£2.50Add +Mix vegetables, lightly spiced filled in triangle shape pasty & deep fried
Onion Bhaji£2.50Add +Onions lightly spiced, covered with gram flour and deep fried on marinated in medium spices and cooked in the tandoori, served on sizzler
Garlic Mushrooms£2.50Add +
Dall or Mulligatawny Soup£2.50Add +
Tandoori (Clay Oven)
Tandoori dishes (clay oven) Chicken, lamb or king prawns marinated in a blend of freshly ground spices with herbs and yoghurt, barbecued in a tandoori clay oven served on a sizzling hot tray with fresh green salad
Chicken or Lamb Tikka£5.50Add +
Tandoori Chicken (Half)£5.50Add +
Sheek Kebab (4 pieces)£5.95Add +
Chicken or Lamb Shashlik£7.95Add +Chicken or lamb barbecued with tomatoes, green peppers and onions in a tandoori clay oven
Lamb Chop Grill£7.90Add +
Tandoori Mix Grill£9.95Add +Tandoori chicken, chicken and lamb tikka, sheek kebab and king prawn
Tandoori King Prawn£9.95Add +
Tandoori King Prawn Shashlik£10.95Add +
Grilled Salmon£7.90Add +Fresh salmon marinated in chef's special garlic sauce & grilled on a skewer served with fresh salad
King Prawn Sizzler£10.95Add +
Masala Dishes
Cooked with masala sauce, mild & creamy
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Masala£6.95Add +
Tandoori Chicken Masala£6.95Add +
Vegetable Masala£5.95Add +
Prawn Masala£7.95Add +
Tandoori King Prawn Masala£10.95Add +
Chef's Recommendation
Butter Chicken£7.50Add +Tandoori chicken cooked off the bone in a butter sauce, fresh creams & nuts
Chicken Makhani£7.95Add +Chicken tikka cooked in our Chef's special sauce
Chicken or Lamb Pasanda
£7.50Add +
Delicately flavoured mild dish with fresh cream & ground almonds
King Prawn Delight£9.95Add +Whole king prawn cooked in a special creamy & mild sauce
King Prawn Malai£9.95Add +Medium dish cooked with aromatic herbs & spices
Chicken or Lamb Rezala£6.95Add +Chicken, minced meat or lamb cooked with cumin seeds in medium sauce
King Prawn Rezala£8.95Add +
Jeera Chicken, Keema or Lamb£6.50Add +Chicken, Minced meat or Lamb cooked with cumin seeds in medium sauce
Shahi Chicken or Lamb£5.95Add +Cooked in a medium spiced sauce topped with fried garlic
Ginger Chicken or Lamb£5.95Add +Chicken or Lamb marinated with ginger, cooked with fresh herbs & ginger
Achari Chicken or Lamb£5.95Add +A tangy flavoured dish cooked with medium spices with selected pickles
Chicken or Lamb Hunza£7.95Add +This is highly flavoured dish with slight hint of orange zest in medium spice
Korahi Chicken or Lamb£6.95Add +Medium dish cooked with diced onions, peppers & tomatoes. Sprinkled with fresh herbs
Honey Chicken or Lamb£5.95Add +Chicken or lamb cooked with honey
Chilli Pickle Specialities
Garlic Chicken or Lamb£7.95Add +
Garic Chilli Chicken or Lamb£7.95Add +Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with green chillies and fresh garlic, blended with onions and capsicum served a sizzling hot korahi (wok)
Garlic Chilli King Prawn£9.95Add +
Chicken Tikka Chilli Masala£7.95Add +Cooked with fresh green chillies in a richly spiced sauce, served in a sizzling hot karahi (wok)
Red Chilli Chicken£8.95Add +Hot sizzling dish
Chilli Ponir£5.50Add +Hot dish cooked with Indian cheese
Chicken or Lamb Naga Koki£6.95Add +Cooked Bhuna style with naga (fiery pepper) originally from the naga koki tribe from the Hi Malayan foothills
Chicken or Lamb Sagwan£7.95Add +Chicken tikka cooked in a special mild sauce & a touch of fresh cream & nuts
Chicken or Lamb Jalfrezi£7.95Add +
King Prawn Jalfrezi£9.95Add +
Balti Special
Balti traditional dishes from Azaad Kashmir in Pakistam. The dishes vary from hot, medium & mild, very authentically prepared with natural spices & herbs. Balti dishes are freshly prepared then is served preserving its natural taste. Served with nan
Balti Chicken (Chicken)£8.10Add +
Balti Chicken Tikka (Chicken)£8.50Add +
Balti Chicken Bhuna (Chicken)£8.50Add +
Balti Chicken Dupiaza (Chicken)£8.50Add +
Balti Chicken Rogan (Chicken)£8.50Add +
Balti Chicken Ceylon (Chicken)£8.50Add +
Balti Chicken Korma (Chicken)£8.95Add +
Balti Chicken Korahi (Chicken)£8.95Add +
Balti Chicken Tikka Masala (Chicken)£8.95Add +
Balti Chicken Dhansak (Chicken)£8.95Add +
Balti Chicken Pathia (Chicken)£8.95Add +
Balti Chicken Madras (Chicken)£8.95Add +
Balti Chicken Vindaloo (Chicken)£8.95Add +
Balti Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi (Chicken)£8.95Add +
Balti Lamb (Lamb)£8.10Add +
Balti Lamb Tikka (Lamb)£8.50Add +
Balti Lamb Bhuna (Lamb)£8.50Add +
Balti Lamb Dupiaza (Lamb)£8.50Add +
Balti Lamb Rogan (Lamb)£8.50Add +
Balti Lamb Korma (Lamb)£8.50Add +
Balti Lamb Tikka Masala (Lamb)£8.95Add +
Balti Lamb Ceylon (Lamb)£8.95Add +
Balti Lamb Korahi (Lamb)£8.95Add +
Balti Lamb Tikka Jalfrezi (Lamb)£8.95Add +
Balti Lamb Dhansak (Lamb)£8.95Add +
Balti Lamb Pathia (Lamb)£8.95Add +
Balti Lamb Madras (Lamb)£8.95Add +
Balti Lamb Vindaloo (Lamb)£8.95Add +
Balti King Prawn (Seafoood)£9.95Add +
Balti King Prawn Bhuna (Seafoood)£10.95Add +
Balti King Prawn Dupiaza (Seafoood)£10.95Add +
Balti King Prawn Rogan (Seafoood)£10.95Add +
Balti King Prawn Korma (Seafoood)£10.95Add +
Balti King Prawn Masala (Seafoood)£10.95Add +
Balti King Prawn Ceylon (Seafoood)£10.95Add +
Balti King Prawn Korahi (Seafoood)£10.95Add +
Balti King Prawn Jalfrezi (Seafoood)£10.95Add +
Balti King Prawn Dhansak (Seafoood)£10.95Add +
Balti King Prawn Pathia (Seafoood)£10.95Add +
Balti King Prawn Madras (Seafoood)£10.95Add +
Balti King Prawn Vindaloo (Seafoood)£10.95Add +
Balti Fish (Seafoood)£8.10Add +
Chilli Pickle Special Balti (Seafoood)£9.95Add +Chicken, lamb, prawn & vegetable cooked with medium spices
Balti Vegetable (Seafoood)£7.10Add +
Sylhet Special Fish Dishes
Fish Dupiaza or Bhuna£7.95Add +
Fish Jalfrezi£7.95Add +
Fish Kufta£7.95Add +
Fish Shatkora£7.95Add +
Fish Biran£7.95Add +
Bengal Favourite£7.95Add +
Traditional Dishes
Curry£4.50Add +Mild
Madras£4.50Add +Fairly Hot
Vindaloo£4.50Add +Very Hot
Dhansak£4.50Add +Hot Sweet & Sour cooked with Lentils
Pathia£4.50Add +Aromatic, sour, hot, sweet and cooked with onion, tomatoes and garlic
Bhuna£4.50Add +Medium with onion capsicum & tomatoes
Dupiaza£4.50Add +Medium with chopped onion, fresh herbs and spices
Rogan Josh£4.50Add +Highly spiced thick sauce cooked in lots of tomatoes
Korma£4.50Add +Mildly cooked creamy dish
Kashmir£4.50Add +Lychees, coconut & ground almonds with creamy sauce.
Ceylon£4.50Add +Fairly hot, cooked with coconut
Saag£4.50Add +Medium cooked with spinach
Biryani Dishes
Cooked with rice & delicate spices served with vegetable curry
Chicken or Lamb Biryani£6.95Add +
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Biryani£7.95Add +
Tandoori Chicken Biryani£7.95Add +
Prawn Biryani£7.95Add +
King Prawn Biryani£9.95Add +
Chilli Pickle Special Biryani£9.95Add +Chicken, lamb, prawn & vegetable
Vegetable Biryani£5.95Add +
Fish Biryani£8.95Add +
Side Dishes
Cauliflower Bhaji£2.60Add +
Saag Aloo£2.60Add +Spinach & potatoes cooked delicately with spices
Saag Ponir£2.95Add +Spinach cooked with homemade cheese
Saag Bhaji£2.60Add +Spinach cooked with a touch of spices
Mushroom & Saag£2.60Add +Mushroom with spinach
Aloo Gobi£2.60Add +Cauliflower & potatoes cooked with medium spices
Bombay Aloo£2.60Add +A hot spicy potato dish
Saag & Chana£2.60Add +Spinach & chick peas cooked with medium spices
Chana Masala£2.60Add +Chick peas cooked in a medium spices
Motor Ponir£2.95Add +Cheese & peas cooked in a creamy mild sauce
Aloo Bhaji£2.60Add +Potatoes cooked dry with spices
Vegetable Bhaji£2.60Add +Mixed vegetable cooked dry with medium spices
Bindi Bhaji£2.60Add +Green okras sauteed with onions and touch of spice
Brinjal Bhaji£2.60Add +A medium spiced aubergine dish cooked with special spices
Mushroom Bhaji£2.60Add +
Tharka Dall£2.60Add +Lentils garnished with garlic
Sylhet Dhal£2.60Add +Lentils slightly flavoured with skafkora (Bengali lemon)
Green Salad£1.50Add +
Chips£1.75Add +
Plain Rice£1.95Add +
Pilau Rice£2.10Add +
Peas Fried Rice£2.50Add +
Egg Fried Rice£2.75Add +
Vegetable Rice£2.50Add +
Special Rice£2.75Add +
Mushroom Rice£2.50Add +
Lemon Rice£2.50Add +
Coconut Rice£2.50Add +
Keema Rice£2.75Add +
Nan Bread
Nan£1.95Add +
Peshwari Nan£2.50Add +
Garlic Nan£2.50Add +
Cheese Nan£2.50Add +
Keema Nan£2.50Add +
Chilli Nan£2.50Add +
Vegetable Nan£2.50Add +
Paratha£1.95Add +
Stuffed Paratha£2.50Add +
Roti£1.95Add +
Chapati£1.30Add +
Sundries & Extras
Popodam (Plain)£0.50Add +
Popodam (Spicy)£0.60Add +
Chutney Relishes£0.50Add +Mango chutney, onions salad, mint sauce and mix pickle
Raitha£1.50Add +Cucumber or Onion
Set Meals
Set Meal for Two£23.50Add +Papadam, Sheek Kebab, Onion Bhaji, Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Rogon, Sag Aloo, Pilau Rice & Nan
Vegetable Meal£20.50Add +Papadam, Vegetable Samosa, Onion Bhaji, Vegetable Masala, Vegetable Rogon, Sag Aloo, Pilau Rice & Nan
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